Recruitment Chatbot’s and Facebook – A marriage made in heaven

Recruitment Chatbot’s and Facebook – A marriage made in heaven

The world of recruitment advertising and marketing is moving at an extraordinary pace. For years the two main sources we have focused on is job advertising on job boards and sourcing on channels like Linkedin or CV databases.

For some technology is driving adoption of the first source any recruiter should use…their own CV database ie. their ATS.

Technologies like Candidate.ID for recruitment marketing automation and smart CRM’s like Firefish for candidate relationship management are making your CV database a goldmine.

Now employers are discovering new advertising sources like Facebook Ads and Programmatic advertising. If you want to get started with facebooks Ads you can download our ebook through the chatbot on the right of this page. A great source for Programmatic Ad information are the folk over at ClickIQ.


Facebook Advertising


Facebook Ads allow you to target very select groups of people on Facebook. For example, if you want to recruit salespeople you might select job titles as below:

Facebook ads chatbot for recruitment

Of course, many people don’t have their job title on Facebook and this is where we use other ‘interest’ and behavior’ data points from Facebook to target people that do not have a job title on their profile.


Why use Facebook?


Many recruiters share a concern that people are unwilling to interact with job adverts or career information on Facebook. This may have been the way in the past but now people expect advertisers to promote their content regardless of what platform they use. Our case study shows how ready people are to interact with careers content and the capabilities of Facebook ads include:

– 2.3 billion people visit Facebook every month giving you a talent pool that many other channels cant compete with.
– Pay Per Click advertising meaning you only pay when a person clicks on your ad.
– Audience targeting meaning only people that are likely to be right for the role see the advert
– Chatbots on Facebook messenger integrate seamlessly with Facebook ads


How to integrate with a Chatbot


Chatbots integrated with Facebook messenger provide a seamless user experience for the candidate. When a candidate clicks on an advert they are engaged immediately by your chatbot and assisted through the application process. This can all happen without the candidate leaving Facebook.


How does it all work?


This is where a well thought out chatbot takes all the heavy lifting of admin and data capture off the hands of the recruiter. By automating many of these tasks you let the recruiter focus on engaging with candidates on a 1-2-1 basis later in the recruitment process.


Recruitment Chatbot Process


How to plan your chatbot


Deciding on the features and functionality you need to be built into a chatbot can be tough. So we put together this article for you.

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