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Engagement Throughout The Recruitment Process

Job Search

Allow your candidates to find jobs that suit their skills and experience though chat.


Candidates apply by uploading their CV, by building a custom profile to suit their application or by recording short video applications.


Empower your recruitment team to focus on the candidates that can make a difference by automatically screening every application.

Recruitment Chatbot Iphone

A Team Member

A new team member who loves all the admin jobs you hate. From general data capture and keeping your ATS up to date, to collecting information for security checks and compliance.


Every visitor becomes a subscriber allowing you to market to applicants and candidate leads with industry leading open and engagement rates.


Run events and all other in person recruitment activity with easy subscription, checkin and in-event push notifications through your chatbot.

Live 247

 Industry data shows that 70% of
employed job seekers research careers out
of business hours


Conversational software hosted on Facebook Messenger, Text, Slack, Kick Messenger and your corporate careers site

A.I. Powered

 Natural Language Processing,
Machine Learning, Directed Learning and
Deep Data Insights


Built on secure servers and actively facilitates GDPR compliance.


Integration with ATS, CRM and Marketing
Automation systems

A Team Member

A new team member who loves all the admin jobs you hate. From general data capture  and keeping your ATS up to date to screening every application.

One Chatbot, Multiple Platforms

messenger chatbot
SMS TXT Chatbot
Skype Chatbot
Slack chatbot

One consistent candidate experience, across multiple platforms. Candidates can search, apply and interact through their preferred messenger platform.

Case Studies

Corporate and Agency Chatbot Case Studies

A chatbot and Facebook ads combination which attracts candidate leads, instantly engages and converts applications for qualified roles.

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Chatbots and Recruitment Marketing…A Marriage Made In Heaven

Employers are discovering new advertising sources like Facebook Ads and Programmatic advertising. These new channels are perfect for integrating with recruitment chatbots.

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The Team

From experienced recruitment professionals, to an ever growing partner network and integrations with some of the top recruitment technology. Our network allows us to build the best talent pipelining and recruitment chatbots around.


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